Self-reflecting sun?


Westering sun, 4:40 PM January 17, 2017

In this photo, it sort of looks like the clouds might be reflecting the sun, so that it looks like there’re two of them … on the other hand, it could also just be that the clouds are blocking the sun at two points on either side of its horizontal diameter. In any case, it’s interesting looking!

“Increasing clouds” ~


Whorl of clouds, 10:15 AM, November 25, 2017

The weather forecast for today was sunny in the morning with increasing clouds. Well, here they are increasing! They look downright foreboding, which they didn’t turn out to be … but the photo was taken into the sun, which made everything else look pretty dark.


Clouds in haste ~


Streaking clouds, July 15, 2017

These clouds make me think of the way the Roadrunner cartoon character would streak off in a cloud of dust. Where are they all going, one wonders, and why in such a hurry? And … here are two more palindromes for Palindrome Week 2017! One is a kind of ultimatum; the other is a clarification:

No lemon, no melon
No, I told Ed “lotion.”

Sky seam ~


Stitched-on cloud formation, November 23, 2016

If the skies were to open up (as they say they do sometimes), they might do it along this seam, I think! Also: comments on the most recently posted original Boomerang are now available! Scroll down or click here to read all about it.

Blue sky with raggedy clouds ~


Pretty afternoon, September 3, 2016

It would seem from other examples of them in these pages (here and here, for instance) that cumulus fractus clouds love very bright blue skies! According to this site here, they’re torn looking because they’ve been separated from a “parent” cumulus cloud by strong winds. Aha! It wasn’t windy on the ground at them moment I took this picture, but strong winds are in the forecast! Maybe these clouds are in the vanguard …