Red-Letter Day (Original Boomerang from February 24, 1924)!


Original Boomerang, February 24, 1924

Good grief — this one snuck up on me! I wonder what will be the news in the next original Boomerang? OH!!! Betty and Orville got married!… rather unceremoniously, after a basket-ball game! Well, congratulations to them! As we can see from the marriage certificate below (for a full-sized version click here), the actual date was February 16, and they were bona-fide young adults (at ages 24 and almost 22), old enough to decide among themselves to run off and get married.


And if they didn’t have a fancy wedding, it sounds like they had a fine reception because as the Boomerang man goes on to explain, Representative Heike Rust–Orville’s older brother and his wife (mentioned in a recent post here) put on a splendid dinner for “every bloomin’ member of the Eno-Rust aggregation.” Nice!

The rest of this issue can go without comment so that readers can absorb the main story. Readers could also take a look at the new and improved map at the “Boomerang World” tab in this blog. I’ve added Council Bluffs to it. Click on the red pin-points to learn something of the significance of each place in the world of the original Boomerang.

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