Money-bags Ruth and another Im! (Original Boomerang for January 21, 1923)


Original Boomerang, January 21, 1923

There’s lots of interest in this issue of the Original Boomerang, but for this commentator, the most intriguing (and, at first glance, daunting) item is the reference to yet another Imle Eno (that would be in addition to the three identified in this post here of a few weeks ago!)! The Imles are getting so numerous that I made a little back-of-the-envelope chart of them all, below.


Four Imles, July 23, 2017

Our new Imle, mentioned in this issue’s second column as a member of the California branch of the Eno clan, is Imle #3, counting down generation by generation from Imle #1, who relocated this branch of the family tree in the United States. Imle #2 was one of his sons, and this new Imle is one of his grandsons and a cousin to the Boomerang Man. Another way of looking at these four Imle’s would be to put Fred Eno in the center and note that he had a grandfather named Imle, an uncle named Imle, a cousin named Imle and a nephew named Imle. No wonder we have been having a hard time keeping track! Other Enos that are identified in this little chart are Rufus, mentioned in this issue as a California Eno, who is also a cousin of the Boomerang Man, and Ray Eno, mentioned in another issue of this international publication, is a brother of Imle #4 (the one who was killed in the war) and a nephew of Fred’s. Simple! 🙂 (For a bigger, though not necessarily clearer, version of the above chart follow this link here.)

In other news in this issue, Ruth has made it big time! The purchasing power of $6.50 in 1923 is equivalent to $91.40 in 2016, according to this site here. Pretty good!

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