Another silky rose and … the plot thickens (another Imle)!


White rose, June 18, 2017

Well … this picture turned out quite well, if I do say so myself!

On the other hand, further poking around revealed that I had the wrong Imle in my post of yesterday — there are so many of them all of a sudden! For instance: there was the Imle Eno who was born in 1797 (we learned about him in this post here); then there was his son, who was born in 1830 and who was a brother of John Hollister Eno and Daniel Eno, who was the Boomerang Man’s father. You’ll recall that John Hollister had a son also named John Hollister Eno (aka “Hollie”), who was a cousin of the Boomerang Man’s (we learned that here too), and … wouldn’t you know, he had a son he named Imle!! So that’s three Imles, one for each of three generations. I won’t go into all the details (perhaps another time), but this younger Imle fought in the “Great War” and was killed in France — one source says on October 6, 1918. A notice in the Pocahontas Record of October 6, 1921 reports John Hollister Eno’s having just received news of his son’s body returning from abroad. As we know from the original Boomerang (from the issue featured in this post here), his memorial service was held a few weeks later, on October 22. An obituary for Imle’s mother Libbie (who died in 1947) called her a Gold Star mother and said that the local (Havelock) post of the American Legion was named after Imle. So! That gets closer to explaining the crowd at his memorial service. It wasn’t for the Civil War Imle; it was for the Great War Imle. This was quite a fruitful mystery, as it turns out! Libbie’s obituary mentions a few other characters (e.g. Ray Eno) who have been mentioned here and there in the original Boomerang; find it (in .pdf format) here. It appeared in the Rolfe Arrow on March 27, 1947.


3 thoughts on “Another silky rose and … the plot thickens (another Imle)!

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