Update on “the mysterious Im”

In place of the publication of a new issue of the original Boomerang today, I’m writing an update on “the mysterious Im,” who was mentioned in the original Boomerang of  October 23, 1921 (published in this post here). Sometime after noting, in my on comments on the most recently featured original Boomerang (here), that Daniel and Hollie Eno were brothers and the sons of Mariah and Imle Eno, it occurred to me that “Im” might be a nickname for Imle! Aha!!! Retracing my steps a bit, I discovered that Daniel and Hollie had a brother named Imle, so we may now declare the formerly mysterious Im to be Fred Eno’s uncle. Hurray! Now the question is, why would 1500 people come out for his memorial service? A look through various newspaper databases turned up nary an Imle Eno, so he doesn’t seem to have acquired that kind of fame, but … he was born in 1830, so that would have made it possible for him to have fought in the Civil War … I don’t know if that’s what would have brought out so many people, but as it turns out, he did fight in it — and his brother Daniel did too! They’re both listed in the document photographed below, which I think is a draft register. It seems that Imle at least (I don’t know about Daniel) served in the 77th Infantry; find a short history of its accomplishments here.

77thInfantryImleDaniel.jpgWith the major mystery about “Im” solved, some questions remain … in addition to the matter of the memorial service crowd, what kind of name is Imle? Perhaps it was originally a surname? People with Imle as a last name seem to come from northern Germany … but the paternal side of our Im’s family goes cold after his father Imle. There are records of his mother Mariah’s family going back further but nothing on Imle’s … perhaps his parents came over from northern Germany though … ?

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