New members of the Eno clan!


Original Boomerang for December 31, 1922

In this issue of the original Boomerang, some previously unmentioned Eno’s come out of the woodwork: specifically, Hollie and Libbie, who are setting out for California, and Ray, their son, who is living in Des Moines! Who are these people and what is their relationship to our Eno family? to the rescue. It would seem that Hollie is John Hollister Eno, who was born in 1858; his wife Libbie was born Elizabeth Ford. The Boomerang Man was born in the 1863, so perhaps he and Hollie are cousins? Why yes! The 1870 census lists John Hollister Eno, aged 12, as the son of John Hollister Eno senior and Silvie Eno, who live right next door to Daniel and Rikeline Eno (in Indianola): i.e. the parents of Fred Eno! (Curiously, Fred isn’t listed among their children … but then the census people didn’t always get everyone … ). So John Hollister Eno senior and Daniel Eno must have been brothers. And … presuming that they are, makes for a search that turns them up as the sons of Mariah Marcia Eno (née Winchell), who was born on July 16 in 1799, and Imle Eno, who was born on November 16, 1797. (I think that makes them great, great, great grandparents of the Rust kids?) Beyond that … the crystal ball dims — at least for now!

In other news in this issue: it’s New Year’s Eve and the home bodies are planning to see a play the next day: “The Bat,” which seems to have been just beginning a long theatrical and film “career”: read all about it here.



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