Hurtling across France, May 27, 2017

We didn’t expect to be hurtling across France on the Eurostar … but there was a huge glitch today with British Airways, on which we were scheduled to fly from Lyon to London. The folks at the Lyon airport couldn’t tell us anything about when our flight would go or whether it would be cancelled, so we got online and saw that we had just enough time to get back to town to get on a Eurostar to London, so we took the leap. If our flight from Lyon were cancelled there’d have been a good chance we’d miss our flight to San Francisco tomorrow. We saw later that our flight did go, but the train across France was still an adventure and a treat (and what if our flight had been cancelled? We’d have been seriously stuck)! We went through British customs in Lille and are thinking it might be a nice destination for another trip — especially with its being near Antwerp and Amsterdam … other places we’ve been wanting to go.


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