Steep steeple and more steep stairs ~


Saint-Georges church and footbridge, May 25, 2017

The beautiful and (relatively) petite neogothic Église Saint-Georges as seen from across the Soane River (just before crossing that inviting footbridge to the left!). As this site here explains, there’s been a church at this site since the year 550, but this one was built in the mid nineteenth century (so recently!). It was an appropriate day to be snapping a picture of a church (and peeking inside as well) since today was Ascension day, a holiday in France, which we discovered first thing in the morning upon finding our boulangerie down the street closed! Luckily a few other boulangeries were open, including one at the top of the Croix-Rousse (read all about that neighborhood here), where we had coffee and pastries, which we deserved, having made the climb up. We descended via more steep stairways (we’d gone up by a more gentle route!), a view from one of which is below.



Walls, lamp, May 25, 2017

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