The Ideal Dress Club and Enola’s own personal train stop (Original Boomerang for March 26, 1922)


Original Boomerang, March 26, 1922

This issue of the original Boomerang is just chock-full of interesting local news: from an upcoming election, to a wedding, to planned comings and goings of all kinds. Sticking with the news items that pertain to the characters we know best, though, the top story in the issue is that Pattie the Hupmobile is still rolling along well–and that the Hastie family is all looking well too (their Studebaker, though: not so much!)!

At the top of the second column of the issue we learn that missionary Enola is spending Sunday in Tenant, which is a ways away from Des Moines (a hundred-some miles). How is she getting there and back? By train it seems, thanks to having friends in high places! Further down in the column we learn that the train doesn’t make regular stops in Tennant but for a missionary they do. As the Boomerang Man reports, “neighbor Bestor got orders from Chicago to make a special stop for Enola. Haint them missionaries grand!” Indeed!

And further down the second column, we learn that Beth has got a job at the Ideal Dress Club–making five dollars a week! It seems that in 1922 that probably allowed Beth to do a gratifying amount of discretionary spending? Yes, this site here suggests that $5.00 would be close to $70 in 2017 — nice!  She probably saved and spent … and contributed to the household too, I bet.

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