On beyond the Magritte Effect ~


Bright lights, blue clock dial, January 26, 2017

Examples of the “Magritte effect” have been a regular feature in these pages … it happens when a lighted street light in a photo makes its surrounding area look like its advanced about an hour further into the evening than the time frame of the rest of the photo — the sky especially. This post here was the first in the series and includes a link to a page of some examples of the effect by Magritte himself. Today’s photo was taken on beyond the hour of any possible Magritte effect; instead it could be called an example of the Alvin Coburn effect! Find a photograph of his of the Flatiron building here, which is not to be confused with that iconic photo of the same, which was by Edward Steichen (find that one here). All three (mine, Coburn’s and Steichen’s) involve trees, buildings, and lighted street lights.


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