Beth makes a hit! And Patty rolls on (Original Boomerang for March 12, 1922)


Original Boomerang for March 12, 1922

The headline story in this issue of the original Boomerang, is all about Beth’s success in a play put on at Des Moines University (we read about her rehearsing for a play in the previous issue of this little international paper, here). It was Clarence by Booth Tarkington that they put on, a play that had been on Broadway from September 20, 1919 to June, 1920 (read about that here–you have to scroll down a ways) and was soon (in October of 1922) to be released as a (silent) film, directed by William C. de Mille. So once again, we glimpse Des Moines Iowa (and in this case, our Beth too) being completely up to date! It might also interest you to know that the film of Clarence has the distinction of being a “lost film.” Read all about them here.



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