Washington’s Birthday, upcoming dramatic performances, and car news (Original Boomerang for February 26, 1922)


Original Boomerang for February 26, 1922

This issue of the original Boomerang leads with quite an eye-catching headline: “Forty Girls Around Our Fireside”–wow! It seems that the occasion was a “colonial party” celebrating George Washington’s birthday. The actual day (February 22) was on a Wednesday in 1922; the well-attended party was two days later, that Friday. One of the guests was dressed as George himself, and a later story in this issue mentions our Gladice as having worn a colonial dress “hoops an’ everything”!

A couple other stories in this issue also related to dressing up and role-playing: Beth has a part in a university drama club play; Mamma has a role as a nurse in the upcoming Red Cross Pageant; and the Boomerang man himself was the lead in a “playlet” at the Savery Hotel a few nights ago! Which is a pretty grand place, it might interest you to know (to quote one of the Boomerang man’s favorite headlines). Now run by the Marriot chain (wouldn’t you know), the Savery opened in 1919 so was still quite the new venue in 1922. Find a postcard rendition of it below and see what it looks like now here.

Savery Hotel Des Moines, IA

Savery Hotel, Des Moines Iowa, circa 1920s (?)

Last but not least, there’s an update in the world of automobiles! One of the Sauer boys (family acquaintance, we’ll gather) is selling the Durant … which goes for $985 (sounds like possibly a lot?), but the Boomerang man figures that Patty the Hupmobile will serve the folks at 1327 24th St. well enough for now. In case you’re curious, though, here’s an example of a 1922 Durant (handsome!):


1922 Durant Model A-22


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