Weddings, new hats, and signs of the times (Original Boomerang for February 12, 1922)


Original Boomerang for February 12, 1922

I’m going to let the title of this post be the commentary on this issue of the original Boomerang and only hint that the “sign of the times” is in the second column: in the item about Alma and the disadvantages of being married (my how times are about to change!!). In the place of further commentary on this issue, I’ve added an addendum to my post on the original Boomerang for September 4, 1921 (here). It’s way at the bottom of the post and consists of some great recollections of the Iowa State fair. I found them in some notes that one of Fred Eno’s grandsons wrote on his grandfather’s illustrious international periodical. Enjoy!

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