Talbott still in California, Uncle Alex in Boise (Original Boomerang for January 29, 1922)


Original Boomerang for January 29, 1922

As usual, there’s news of all kinds and from all over in this issue of the original Boomerang. Readers of this Boomerang will remember that in the last issue (here), we learned that Talbott–of Talbott and Eno printers–had gone out to California to “nose around” with thoughts of maybe relocating to there … in this issue (of two weeks later), we learn that he was due back yesterday but hasn’t yet left California … the plot thickens! Meanwhile, in the second column of this issue, we read that the firm received a fine remittance the other day, so that’s good news!

Continuing the “out west” theme, we also learn that Uncle Alex is in Boise! As everyone knows by now, that’s Alex Hastie, who’s married to Louie, a sister of “Mamma.”

And, for the another-thing-to-research-sometime category, the Boomerang Man reports that he sent a story to American Boy magazine! It’d be wonderful to find it (if indeed the magazine ran it)!

Back to 2016, here’s a picture of a new apartment building in lower Manhattan, where my travels took me today …


Mod-ish apartment tower, October 23, 2016



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