31st Wedding Anniversary and Talbott in California (Original Boomerang for January 22, 1922)


Original Boomerang for January 15, 1922

This issue of the original Boomerang is especially interesting since it has a note to Eula in the hand of the Boomerang man himself! It’s not very readable, but does suggest that it was Eula who saved all the Boomerangs, so that’s interesting to know! Otherwise, this issue is just packed with interesting tidbits! The very first item is quite enigmatic, though: among other things, what’s a forn hope? It seems like it might be a former hope. The Oxford English Dictionary has “former” as one of the senses of “forn” though the most recent use of the word they have is from the sixteenth century … but then those lexicographers probably don’t read Fred Eno’s Boomerang!

Beyond the headliner news of Talbott being off in California (thus exemplifying the apparent migration of all kinds of people away from the poor Boomerang man), there are a couple fun items on weddings in this issue stand out: first the one about yesterday having been Fred and Mary’s 31st wedding anniversary (they were wed on January 14, 1891), and, second, the one about the date of Gladice wedding (in other news, Gladice is getting married!), which seems to be a matter of debate. As Fred reports, “Gladice says the weddin’ may be in June, but mamma says it mayn’t be till September.” Stay tuned!



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