A Merry Thanksgiving and the streetcar affair heats up (Original Boomerang for November 27, 1921)


Original Boomerang for November 27, 1921

On this Thanksgiving the Enos were out and about! The Boomerang Man and Mabel, Gladice, and Beth went to a show at the Orpheum in the evening while Mamma went out dancing — fun! And in a similar vein, we hear that the folks have all been out to see a “picture play” called “Over the Hill.” That would be the 1920 silent film Over the Hill to the Poorhouse, starring Mary Carr and several of her children. Read all about it here and find a photo of a scene below — it sounds super sentimental!


Scene from Over the Hill (Photoplay, Feb.-Jun. 1921)

In other news, there’s quite a battle going on over the franchise for the Des Moines street-car! This matter came up in the original Boomerang back in the issue of August 7, 1921 issue (here). It seems that argument has become quite bitter — stay tuned! In the meantime, at least Talbot and Eno made some money off of it!



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