Coming and going (Original Boomerang for November 13, 1921)


Original Boomerang, November 13, 1921

The first two items in this issue of the original Boomerang bring news of various of the Eno daughters–the members of the Five Sisters Hand Laundry mentioned in the first story–and their brief alightings at home before they’re off into the world and homes of their own again. The Still College the Boomerang Man refers to was a college of osteopathic medicine (read all about it here); maybe that’s where the “Doctor Sister” (Eula) went to school (though I believe she got her training as an obstetrician in China)? Even if that is the connection, I’m not sure what help the college could offer the Hand Laundry, what with the Eula being in Philadelphia?

Scattered through the rest of the issue, we get quite a lot of news about the comings and goings of the stay-at-home (or still-at-home) contingent of the Eno family too and, in particular, their routes! The morning of the publication of this issue, Mamma, Beth, and the Boomerang Man went to Indianola to see relations on Mamma’s side of the family. (You all remember who Louie and Leslie are, right? If not, you can refresh your memory at this site’s “People” page under “Hastie, Louie” and “Loper, Lincoln.” Chris and Lena are new … if they turn up again, I’ll cover them!)

… to be continued!

…. and now for the continuation! But first, see comment below for clarifications of Sister Eula’s curriculum vitae: excellent and thanks! Going on to the routes the Des Moines family took to and from Indianola on this day, their way there was a marvel since, as Fred remarks, they drove east over the 6th St. bridge and then “on new paving” all the way to the Warren County line! A person can just about make out from the 1919 map of Des Moines here that the 6th St. bridge might have crossed the Des Moines River … and joined up with what’s now (and then too?) called Indianola Avenue. Check out the map below to see that the proximity of Des Moines to Indianola (and both to the Warren/Polk county line). They’re twenty miles apart.

IA-county copy


SaveFor the return, the 1919 map is again clarifying, suggesting that going west over the 7th St. Viaduct, as Beth recommended, would have taken the family over the Racoon River and from there north to their home on 24th St.

To finish this issue, the Boomerang Man returns us to the Warren County line, where he muses about a grove of trees they saw there, which got him “day dreaming about a home out there with about ten acres for the chickens to run in and forty seven trees for our great-grand-children to climb.” The Enos never did have a home out there, but lots of their great grand children had plenty of trees to climb!


One thought on “Coming and going (Original Boomerang for November 13, 1921)

  1. Eula attended Women’s medical College of Pennsylvania, and got her OB/GYN training there. In China, she taught OB/Gyn to Chinese women. When she left China in 1938 just barely ahed of the invading Japanese Army, she went back to be on the faculy, briefly of Women’s Medical College (by then including male students as well). Then she set up private practice in Pottsville, Pennsylvania. Ruth went to Philadelphia to begin her life career which became Drama eventually. She may have lived with Eula.

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