The mysterious Im, a fish story (and poem!), a car story, a new Eno … and more! (Original Boomerang for October 23, 1921)


Original Boomerang for October 23, 1921

The top news item in this issue of the original Boomerang has to do with an event that must have been quite newsworthy back in 1921 … but is shrouded in mystery in 2016. Who is “Im”? In this casesGoogle is not much help since it thinks by “Im” a person must mean “I am” … in any case, it seems that the person was much loved … perhaps “Im” was his nickname?

After the story about Im, things get clearer. First we have a fishing poem and then a fish story–in the sense of a possibly exaggerated story about fish, catching them especially. It seems that all the members of the fishing expedition party were inexperienced fishermen, yet they came home with sixty fish!? Well there were six of them, so I suppose that’s possible?

There follow updates about family members and a fun story about a ride in Marmon, which would seem to have been quite the deluxe vehicle! It “glided” Mamma and the Boomerang Man home from Im’s memorial service in Havelock–147 miles from Des Moines–in just four and a half hours! That’s 32 miles per hour! Read all about the Marmon Moter Company here.

But there’s news of much faster speeds towards the end of the issue, in which (more importantly) we’re introduced to a new Eno: Ray Eno. He was born in 1884, which would make him a good age to be a nephew of Fred and Mary’s, but his father’s name was John, which doesn’t seem to have been the name of any of Fred’s siblings, so perhaps he’s some species of cousin. Anyway, readers can read the item themselves but on the topic of speed, his vehicle went “60 per” the other morning! The Boomerang Man says the vehicle was a Stunts, which was perhaps an intentional pun on Stutz, a maker of roadsters way into the twentieth century. Our Ray must have been a man of means since they seem to have been pretty expensive! According to this site here, the model they sold between 1911 and 1925 was the Bearcat. Find a picture of one below!


1914 Stutz Bearcat



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