Beth starting college! (Original Boomerang for September 18, 1921)


Original Boomerang, September 18, 1921

The big news in this issue of the original Boomerang for descendants of the youngest of the five Eno girls is that she–Beth/Betty, that is–is starting college on the day following this issue! She’ll be going to Des Moines University, which is within walking distance. Read all about the university here, and find a collection of photographs related to it here. One wonders if that’s where she’ll meet Orville Rust? We shall see!

Meanwhile Isabella, the friend who arrived with Enola on her return home (re-read the story of Enola’s return here) is already off to college: in Greencastle Indiana …. which must have been none other than DePauw University. As DePauw’s “history and traditions” site (here) explains, the University was founded by the Methodist Church (in 1837), so it seems like an appropriate place for missionary Enola’s friend from India to attend.

There’s news of Enola in this issue too — and of Ruth and Mabel! Also Mamma seems to have told a funny story about her daughters at the church mother-daughter banquet — one would like to know more!

Barring that … here’s the last palindrome of palindrome “week” (it’s actually ten days) 2016, an old favorite: “Sit on a potato pan Otis!” Next year palindrome week will be in July!



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