A monkey and parrot time (Original Boomerang for August 7, 1921)


Original Boomerang, August 7, 1921

There’s lots of all kinds of news (as usual!) in this issue of the original Boomerang, but one that we of the early twenty-first century can recognize as a sign of sad things to come is the story at the top of the second column, “No Street Cars.” The Boomerang man begins the story arrestingly, saying “We’ve been having a monkey and a parrot time …” Say what? What’s a monkey and parrot time? Read the full story of your new adopted phrase here:


from: A Handy Book of Curious Information by William S. Walsh (J. B. Lippincott, 1912), p. 458.

The upshot of this story is that the bus system is edging out the street-car system … alack and alas! That happened all over the country! Little did the Boomerang man know: almost a hundred years later, people would still be waiting for the street-car to come back (though maybe it did come back again in the twenties before its eventual demise … )!

In other news, Enola continues to enjoy a warm welcome home — she had charge of Sunday school this week and has her eye on a teaching position in Barnes City (in southeast Iowa). After all, Fred Eno says, “that Barnes situation might prove quite homelike to any one who has been teaching the heathen.” We’ll stay tuned to see what develops … though we happen to know that Enola eventually returns to the “heathen” she’d gotten to know (as opposed to Barnes City heathen!).

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