Enola is home! (Original Boomerang for July 10, 1921)


Original Boomerang for July 10, 1921

What a scene! The Rock Island train pulling into little ol’ Des Moines Iowa on a hot July evening with our Enola on board, this having been the last leg of her journey from Lucknow India! It seems as if she might as well have been returning from the moon. Thanks to the wonders of twenty-first century time travel, we have a few relics of her voyage! Enola’s entry point to the US was Seattle, aboard the S.S. Fushimi Maru sailing from Hong Kong (read the Boomerang Man’s note on her itinerary in the issue of the original Boomerang posted here), the passenger manifest of which you can see below with Enola at the top of the list — and her friend Isabella some lines below!


Fushi Maru Passenger Manifest, June 1, 1921

What would Enola and Isabella have seen, setting foot on dry land–and in a new country (for Isabella) and in her home country (for Enola)–after so much time at sea (and abroad)? Certainly the Smith Tower, completed in 1914, and on a late June or early July day, perhaps the other “sentry” touted in this 1914 postcard: Mount Rainier!


Two Sentries, 1914

To start the next leg of their journey, they would have made their way to another landmark pictured in this postcard: the King Street train station (the building with the clock tower, naturally). From there they probably took the Great Northern Railway (read about that here) — the Empire Builder train didn’t get going until 1929–to St Paul and the Rock Island to Des Moines from there — pretty much the route the Rust family traveled many years later! Enola was a pioneer in all kinds of ways!

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