Little home, big world (Original Boomerang for May 15, 1921)


Original Boomerang, May 15, 1921

In this issue of the original Boomerang, we’ve received news about Enola’s travel plans! A pretty exact itinerary, in fact:

A letter from Enola which left Lucknow April 14 states that she hoped to sail from Calcutta for Hong Kong soon after May 1. From Hong Kong she hopes to sail May 31 on a Japanese boat, “Fushimi Maru,” which is due in Seattle soon after June 15.

Arduous (see map at the foot of this post)! I had it in my head that Enola was quite young, but she was born in 1891 (on November 5), so she’ll be 30 this year … still young but old enough I suppose to be making such a journey. That said, one didn’t come and go from and to such distances very frequently back almost a hundred years ago, and a look around in turned up a passport application for her from 1915 when she was just 23 and applying to go abroad for six years … which are just finishing up now!

Passport application below (links to full size images here and here):EnolaPassportApplicationEnolaPassportApplication2

With talk of the Foreign Missionary Thank Offering, the Northern Lights, and Beth and Harold having gone off to Ames for the evening, the world seems expansive right close to home as well. Stay tuned for news of Enola’s homecoming!


Enola’s Journey, Spring 1921

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