Projects old and new (Original Boomerang for May 1, 1921)


Original Boomerang for May 1, 1921

Improvements on the new little home (first mentioned in this post here) are continuing apace: the attic is almost finished, and definitely finished enough for the four daughters who aren’t home to come home for visits — “from Philadelphia [Eula], Luknow [Enola, and yes THAT Luknow — in India!], Pittsburgh [Ruth], and Smithfield Oh Ho Oh [Gladice].”

In other news, the run of the Queen Esthers’ play, “A Southern Cinderella” (first mentioned here) has finished up — with the group respectably in the black. And Mamma and Beth are thinking of going to work at the “Two Forty Cleaners.” Why is it called that? As you can see from this clip of a 1921 ad, it’s the cleaner’s address (pretty much)!  240Cleaners
And as you can see from the map below, that address is quite close to the new little home at 1327 24th St.24thSt240CleanersMap

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