Still further up the Gates limb ~

joseph gates

Joseph Brown Gates

When last we explored the Gates limb of the family tree (here), the topic was John Cook Gates and Adelia St. John, Nancy’s great grandparents. These two characters, Joseph Brown Gates and his wife Pamela were the parents of John Cook Gates, the father of John Howard Gates, Nancy’s grandfather … they’re Nancy’s great, great grandparents, in other words! Pamela’s maiden name was Cook (her middle name was Bishop), hence John Cook Gates’ middle name.



Pamela Bishop Cook Gates




Both Joseph and Pamela were born in 1802, in Hopewell New York and Cazenovia New York, respectively. They were married in 1829. The 1855 New York census and the 1870 Federal census both list Joseph as a farmer. Pamela died in 1869; Joseph in 1881.








I had the photograph below labeled as the home of Joseph and his wife. Its caption–110 State St., Rochester NY–had me thinking they lived in Rochester New York, but now I realize the caption refers to the photography company (duh!?)!

joseph gates home

Joseph and Pamela Gates homestead in Hopewell New York

That insight was sparked by my finding the drawing of the Gates homestead below (at this wonderful site here — with photos to be discussed in future posts!). The house above and the house below are clearly the same house.


Gates homestead, artistic rendering

For another post: Joseph Brown Gates’ father was one Daniel Gates, who seems to have been a soldier in the American Revolution!

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