Happy 1/6/16!


Kniphofia, “Christmas Cheer poker plant” January 6, 2016

The new year is still so young but already there’s a fun number-doubling date! And on the topic of dates and days … does it seem as if mornings are as dark as ever despite its being a couple weeks past the winter solstice? There’s a reason for that (apart from two weeks not being that long after the solstice)! As this site here explains, early January is actually when the sun rises the latest in the northern hemisphere (and conversely, early December is when it sets earliest, making it a great time for Seattlites to go south!). It has to do with the earth’s daily rotation hardly ever taking exactly 24 hours and results in this kind of pattern in the time of sunsets:


Position of sun in eastern sky at same time of day over the course of the year … read more here.

Relating all of this to my picture for today: part of the cheer of Christmas is that by Christmas day the sun has already been setting later for a couple weeks (!!).

Also, poker plants have appeared before in these pages: i.e. here.

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