Little boy and book cases (Original Boomerang for March 6, 1921)


Original Boomerang for March 6, 1921

The big news in this issue is that a little boy had come for a visit, one who must have been just around the age of another little boy we know since the Boomerang Man says he has a language all his own: “The little fellow talks a language entirely foreign to anything spoken in this neck of the woods.” He’s the son of Lincoln and Florence Loper, and his birth was announced in the original Boomerang, sure enough: just over two years ago, in the issue of January 26, 1919 (here)! His name is Lincoln too, and his parents had dropped him off with his great uncle and aunt (the Boomerang Man and Mamma) while they went shopping for a hat for his mother. A hat didn’t get purchased after all, but little Lincoln made a good impression: Fred reports,

… he is an honest to goodness Methodist when it comes to shaking hands. Mamma took him to see the sights of University [Avenue] and he shook hands with everybody who would stop long enough–from the president [?] down to the girls in the two-forty cleaner shop.


Otherwise, work on the home remodeling is coming along! The floors are being varnished and books arranged in the book cases on either side of the fireplace (for reports on earlier stages of this project, see posts here and here). Some of the books preserve the doodles of Fred and Mary’s daughters when they were little–when all their “troubles were bubbles.”

Late-breaking addition: googling “Lincoln Loper” just now, before adding him to the “people” page (at this site), I found a note about him and his service during World War I at this site here.

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