New Movie Release (Original Boomerang for February 20, 1921)


Original Boomerang, February 20, 1921

In case we were wondering what kind of a city Des Moines was in 1921, now we know! Mamma and the Boomerang Man went to a movie this past week, and “of all things–Harold and Betty were at the same show.” What was the show? What would it be in February 1921 in an up-to-the-minute city? Charlie Chaplin’s The Kid, of course! It was released that month. Read all about it (and see some clips too) at this site here. Wow!

In other ways, this roaring 20s city might have been more nineteenth century: to wit, the “little colored minstrel” being put on by the Epworth League … which clearly wasn’t cringe-worthy then …

What else: the top story in the right hand column is about a plot that really does sound thick! But beyond untangling now … on the other hand, the note on Enola and the “other heathens” (meaning present company, one thinks) is a nice balance to the “minstrel”!

It seems that WordPress has had an update to the effect that one can no longer click on an image to make it bigger? Hence the larger size of this Original Boomerang — will have to go back and check the others now (or at some point)!

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