Improvements at the “little home” (Original Boomerang for January 23, 1921)

Original Boomerang, January 23, 1921

Original Boomerang, January 23, 1921

I’m not sure when it happened, but the Eno family has moved! In the 1920 census–and the last we heard in the original Boomerang–the family seat (aka “the social center”) was at 2813 Cottage Grove, but here on January 23, 1921 the Boomerang Man is talking about their “little home” on 24th St.! A look at the 1930 census shows that the address was 1327 24th St … where likely the very same house that Fred Eno refers to still stands, a photo of which, thanks to google street view is below.

All of that having been cleared up, the big news in this issue of the Original Boomerang is about Fred’s and Mama’s home improvement plans. I quote:

We are now trying to make it a little more home, like by putting some good oak floors in and adding a new fireplace in the living room. We are also putting in an oak book case on either side of the fireplace…. Then with a floor lamp added it really won’t make much difference whether we have anything to eat and wear or not.

The "little home" on 24th St.

The “little home” on 24th St.

Fred goes on to say that once that’s all done–“when our ship comes in”–they may go on to improve the attic. Then, as he puts it, “We will have room for all our girls and a jolly finished attic for our grand children.” As it happens, one of his grand children remembers this house just as the Boomerang Man envisions it here. Dick writes of this description,

Fred’s description of this house fits my first and clearest memories of Des Moines. It had a wonderful big fireplace in the living room with bookcases on each side. There was a large room upstairs, up some narrow, steep stairs. Off of the living room was a solarium. On back was dining room, then kitchen down one or two steps. Beyond the kitchen was a pantry, where a stairway led to a dirt basement, with dirt shelves loaded with “canned” goods-home preserves. The house probably started out white, but was a dingy grey, as were all houses in the coal burning era.

And the house is still grey!

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