On to Switzerland (summer of ’64) …

MountainsThis slide was labeled just “Mountains,” so it seems that it may coincide with the letter about arriving in Switzerland, selections of which follow:

Here I am in Switzerland. Oh you mountain lovers are sure to love it. Sorry I didn’t write from Agape. We were pretty busy. When the children came they were the snobby ratted hair type. since they were more trouble than help, we all turned out with lots of the work campers work. It was lots of fun though anyway….

Some last warnings on Italy
When you see caffe expresso on the menu. Don’t ask for it black because it is awful strong (I’ve had it.) Ask for it corn lotti, then you’ll get milk with it. Now you’ll think that I don’t have a good taste for coffee so you will have to learn the hard way.

Well now, back to Swiss. It is such a good feeling to know that the chalets aren’t tourist traps, they are people’s homes, and that the feather beds aren’t fake, but real feather, The pensione we are staying in is a chalet.

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