Turin > Matterhorn (Summer of ’64 continued … )

"Near Matterhorn," June, 1964

“Near Matterhorn,” June, 1964

… this photo really looks more like Agape (more on that later!) but the slide is labeled “near Matterhorn,” so perhaps it is … and in any case, Agape is near the Matterhorn! Here’s the letter for the day of our trip to the Matterhorn, together with a forecast of our trip to Agape:

In Torino now, what a city! We have a beautiful 1893 railroad station across the street also a park with a fountain and a clock of flowers that has moving hands.

Today we went up to see the Matterhorn. It is really just a fabulous mountain. We took a $20.00 chairlift for all of us. We got up there and it was all misty and we couldn’t see a thing. Kater had lots of fun snowballing us anyway.

Today we tried getting a laundry but it was a holiday so we did almost everything we have as tomorrow we are off to Agape.

Below find a picture of the mountain itself. Production note: both these photos have been color corrected and otherwise meddled with … original 1964 tints and compositions available upon request!

Matterhorn, June 1964

Matterhorn, June 1964

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