Milan Cathedral (1964) ~

Milano, 1964

Click on the photo to enlarge it, and check out the three heads in front of the big brown door: Beah and Sarah and Kater!

There’s no letter from Milano … and a letter and no photos from Venice! So here’s that quite newsy letter (dated June 16):

We are in Venice now. We got here yesterday. The train was wonderful. The pensione we are staying in used to be a private home. How extravagant! Our room looks down on a canal. You can hear the water lapping and kitties meowing when you’re trying to sleep!

Today we tried to go to the three Islands Murano, Burano, Torcello. But the boat sailed from San Marco, at 9:30, and we slightly had problems finding San Marco and missed it. Instead we saw San Marco Cathedral, went up the clock and bell towers, and fed pigeons from our hands.

It continues with a report on June 17:

Got up early and went to the fruit market before breakfast. There they were selling fruit for wholesale to the shop owners. Everyone was shouting their wares, bartering etc.

We went back and had breakfast, and afterwards got our boat to the three other islands. First was Murano. Real neato! We saw them working the glass by hand. At Burano we saw a very very old church, Christian, but it reminds me of Pompeii!! At Torcello we saw the lace school. Girls our own age! It was really delicate too!

The letter ends with “Congratulations mom!” Thereon hangs a tale! Also: a little googling confirms the suspicion that I had Torcello and Burano mixed up: Burano, lace; Torcello, very old church. Very old indeed: founded in 639! Read all about it here.

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