Christmas in July (Original Boomerang for December 28, 1920)

Original Boomerang, December 28, 1920

Original Boomerang, December 28, 1920

This issue of the original Boomerang is mainly a wrap-up of Christmas — quite a nice one was had, it seems! The proceedings were held at the Hasties’ house (in Indianola). I know readers will remember who the Hasties are from the review of just two weeks ago (here), so I’ll concentrate on a review of another family represented at the gathering: Leslie’s. Leslie’s full name was Samuel Leslie Loper; he was a sibling of Mary Loper (aka “Mama”) as was the mother (Louie) of the Hastie family (read more about Leslie’s family here). The Boomerang Man mentions that along with Leslie, his wife Clare was there and four of their six children: Alice, Edith, June, and Ardis. Their two other children, Lincoln and Dane, were with their own newly fledged families. Both the Hasties and Lopers were well represented; as for the Enos, it was just Fred and Mary and Beth! The other four Eno daughters were off all over the world: Gladice and Ruth in the US at least … Eula and Enola in China and India respectively!

The Boomerang Man still raked in the presents, though: from Enola, hopes that she’ll be back in Iowa next Christmas; from Eula, a tie; from Ruth, another tie (neither of which has jelly on it yet, the Boomerang Man attests); and from Beth, a handkerchief! And then there was more from “Mama” and relatives. Everything was just what the Boomerang Man needed since, as he declares at the head of the present report:

A poor man seldom gets anything he doesn’t need.

That is why the Boomerang man is so well pleased.

The final note in the issue brings the long-awaited news of the date of Helen Hastie’s wedding. It’s coming up very soon, as it turns out: New Year’s Day! Stay tuned!

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