Further down the family tree ~

Craven and William Shuttleworth

Craven and William Shuttleworth (father and son) circa 1900

Herewith the post on William D. Shuttleworth promised in a post a couple weeks about his father (here). Father and son are pictured here; I’m dating the photo circa 1900 since Will looks a bit older than he did on his wedding day in 1896 here and definitely younger than he looks with his grown sons here. Story has it that Will left home after his father became (physically) angry with him after he accidentally cut his own boot while chopping wood. He traveled by train from Wisconsin as far as his money took him, which was to Sibley Iowa, and walked across the street to the lumber yard (Shell Lumber Company) and got a job. As time went on, the school teacher (one Blanche Sokol) began to visit the lumber yard frequently, buying small quantities of wood (so as to visit more frequently), and … the rest is history!

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