More candy and a little joke (Original Boomerang for November 28, 1920)

28November1920loresIn this issue of the original Boomerang, celebration of the Boomerang man’s birthday continues with a new shipment of candy, also sweet and good like its sender, in this case Gladice. The Boomerang man is now planning a new addition to the house for keeping candy.

In other news, the occasion of the YMCA convention in Des Moines, which has brought “twelve hundred fine young men” to town, gives the Boomerang Man an occasion to muse about “one of life’s little jokes”:

“Well within the memory of all of our five pretty girls we had a great big house and nobody livin’ in it. Now we have a little home and everybody is livin’ in it.”

“Everyone” is living in it since all of the twelve hundred fine young men seem to have been dropping by, having heard about said five pretty girls “and their cousins and their aunts”! Fred Eno says that they promised to keep all of them “except eleven hundred and ninety nine.” Of course just when they were settled, along came relatives: in particular the Scotts, but that was “to say nothing of indications of the Hasties, the Argentines, the Portugese [sic], and the Greeks”! They are definitely having a full house! Fred goes on to report that once they were “all stored away … Mamma and the Boomerang man went to the attic and told bear stories till an owl in a tree sang us to sleep with his ‘who!’” awww!

There’s also a forecast of the date of Helen Hastie’s wedding, the celebration of which, it seems, will take place at the aforementioned “little home.” Readers will remember Helen from other posts (e.g. here and here); she’s a cousin of the Eno girls. Her mother Louie is a sister of Mary “Mamma” Eno (née Loper).

Otherwise, another print shop came to a fiery demise, but it wasn’t Talbot and Eno, who have an order for six thousand copies (!!) of a pageant (or pageant program?) being put on by the Queen Esthers! Last but not least, Betty/Beth lost her pocketbook (or maybe it was stolen), which had four dollars in it — ouch! That must have been some significant cash back then!

3 thoughts on “More candy and a little joke (Original Boomerang for November 28, 1920)

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