The Boomerang Man turns 37 (or 73?) (Original Boomerang for November 17, 1920)

Original Boomerang, November 17, 2015

Original Boomerang, November 17, 2015

The top of the news in this issue of the original Boomerang is that the Boomerang Man has just had a birthday! He says he’s just turned 37–and then thinks that it could be that he’s turned 73–but with the youngest of his five daughters in her late teens, it’s quite unlikely that he’s only 37–or 73 either! Doing the math (he was born in 1863), it turns out that his suggestions here split the difference: he’s turning 57! A very good age. The story actually begins with his telling us about all the candy that arrived from Ruth, worth quoting in full:

The mail man backed up his truck to our front door and unloaded a cart of letters and a big shipment of candy. The candy was from Ruth and made us all think of her — it was so sweet and good.

If anyone needs a reminder of where Ruth lines up in the scheme of things, this post here will get you all up to date.

There’s also news of Mabel (maternal auntie of the Eno girls): Fred Eno reports as follows:

The last we heard from Mabel she was still in Los Angeles, nicely located, having a good time, and perhaps will be married soon–she didn’t say so, but the Boomerang always attempts to anticipate interesting news.”

Wise journalism! Readers will recall Mabel’s departure for Los Angeles from a post in these pages of about a month ago (here).

Mabel’s being “nicely located” may explain the 25% increase in the Boomerang‘s circulation, which was reported in this issue in the story right above the news about Mabel. And with this increase, the Boomerang man notes that the “little newspaper for our own family” now has “readers all the way from India to the billows of the sunset sea.” Very impressive!

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