The Boomerang recommends (best weekend breakfast!) ~

Clafoutis, May 31, 2015

Clafoutis, May 31, 2015

Berry clafoutis: easy, nutritious, and extremely yummy! But what is a clafoutis, you ask? This site here explains,

Clafoutis has a long history. Born in Limousin, in southern central France, a couple of centuries ago, it traditionally was made with black cherries. (Purists would say that a clafoutis made with red cherries, plums, apricots, pears or cranberries would properly be called a flaugnarde, but there’s no need to be quite so pedantic.) The name clafoutis comes from the verb clafir, a rustic old word that means “to fill,” because after you arrange the fruit on a buttered baking dish, you fill the pan with eggy batter. Long ago, cooks left in the cherry pits to add a hint of almondy lift, but today we can spare our teeth by leaving them out and adding a jot of almond extract

The recipe here that produced the (pitted) cherry clafoutis pictured above, adds the “almondy lift” in the form of almond “flour” (meal, more like). It also suggests adding a few tablespoons of either kirsch, eau de vie de myrtille, or crème de cassis to the batter, which I’ve yet to try, though I think the Boomerang will definitely recommend it when I do!

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