An all-time favorite ~

Shuttleworths in Sibley

Shuttleworths in Sibley sometime between the early twenties, before 1925

Even though this is a black and white photo and I’ve never been to Sibley Iowa, I get summer (early summer) warmth and rose and grass fragrances when I look at it. Also: what a happy and good-looking bunch! That’s Craven on the left and Frank (one of the Rust kids’ grandfathers) on the right and Will and Blanche [Nanny] Shuttleworth in the middle. Maybe around 1930? Blanche and Will look around the same age as they look in a more formal family portrait taken in 1932 (scroll all the way down to the bottom of this page here). While I’m at it, find a picture of Will and Blanche on their wedding day in 1896 here. July 1, 2015 Update from Nancy: This picture must have been taken before 1925 because “there are no babies!” (or brides!).

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