“Strictly Confidential” staged at West High and Helen’s diamond ring (Original Boomerang for January 11, 1920)

11January1920loresThe top story in the second column of this issue of the original Boomerang is all about “Little Old West High” putting on the play “Strictly Confidential” and our Beth having a part in it! Some google research quickly informs a person that there was a production of that title that aired on Britain’s iTV in 2006, but digging a bit deeper one finds that there was also a silent film entitled Strictly Confidential that came out in 1919! It starred Madge Kennedy and John Bowers and has a plot exactly along the lines of the Boomerang man’s description of West High’s production: “the story of a working girl who married a lord.” Read more about the film here. Further down in the same column, we learn that good old Harold White (Beth’s boyfriend) was also in the play, as “the youngster” in “knee trousers.”

Over in the first column, we learn that Helen Hastie is now wearing her diamond (engagement, we assume) ring every day. Fred Eno goes on to say that the wedding date has not yet been announced but that the family at “two eight one three” (also known as the social center) is “saving up for Rogers 49.” Some google research on that cryptic reference turned up nothing at all, but Dick (here at the breakfast table) knew right away that it’s a silver pattern reference — but of course! Mysteries persist, though: what is pattern #49? Or does the “49” refer to a 49-piece set? While those mysteries percolate, find an an ad from 1920 for Wm. Rogers “sectional plate” below. And if anyone is mystified regarding the identity of Helen Hastie, she’s a cousin of the five Eno girls on the Loper (maternal) side; read all about that family in this post here.

1920 ad for Wm Rogers Silverplate

1920 ad for Wm Rogers Silverplate

A further mystery: this issue is number 7 in volume 3 of the original Boomerang; the last issue published (here) was number 4 … what happened to numbers 5 and 6? They may have been filed out of order in upcoming stretches of “this international publication,” as Fred Eno refers to it in this issue, so may yet turn up — watch this space!

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