Un-natural scores (Original Boomerang for November 23, 1919)

Original Boomerang, November 23, 1919

Original Boomerang, November 23, 1919

This issue of the original Boomerang‘s headline story, “THEM WERE THE HAPPY DAYS,” is a tale of quite amazing football game scores, worth quoting in full, especially since the typescript of said original is somewhat effaced; here goes:

Now that the Eno sisters have all but departed from old West High and are no longer seen in the foot ball games, old W. H. has lost much of her old time ginger.

The East-West game resulted in 35 to a goose egg in favor of the wise men from the east.

Yesterday the big dippers of the North walloped East to the tune of 7 to 3. But in as much as East did not hope for a look in they seem to be happy yet.

West took a little stroll out in the tall grass Saturday and met a husky bunch at Ames. The truly rural fellows outweighed our home team ten pounds to the man and made easy meat of the strollers.

Oh, the score? How convenient to forget: 72 to 0.

But there is no great loss but that there is some small gain–may be. among the colleges yesterday Iowa beat Ames 10 to 0.

In other news, it seems to have been the Boomerang Man’s birthday recently! We know he was born in 1864 but didn’t have a birthday; now we have a month — and a place! New York … I wonder where in New York? To be continued …

Windfall ~

Gingko leaves, November 18, 2014

Gingko leaves, November 18, 2014

It seems as if there’s an annual convergence of low temperatures and high winds that makes the gingko trees decide to drop all their leaves at once, pretty much. It was roughly a week later last year (see this post here).