Sports rivalry and speeches (Original Boomerang for January 19, 1919)

Original Boomerang, January 19, 1919

Original Boomerang, January 19, 1919

The lead story in this week’s original Boomerang makes a fitting contrast to the sports news of the day since it’s a tale of “our side” losing! In this case, the game is basket ball, and our side is Drake (in Des Moines), and Simpson (of Indianola) is the victorious other side. Read more about their rivalry in a previous post here. The Boomerang Man suspects that the relations in the “Holy City” have become so inflated by their win (by only one basket, mind you!) that they’re not even on speaking terms with the folks at 2813 Cottage Avenue. Answers will be found soon, though, what with Mamma traveling to said city in a few days.

Since Simpson is in Indianola and relations oft spoken of of late are too (i.e. Lincoln Loper and his parents Samuel and Clare), I think we can finally be assured that the so-called Holy City and Indianola are one and the same city (see another post giving this opinion here); now to get to the bottom of what made Indianola so holy! A book review in the March 22 1959 issue of The Reading Eagle explains it all:

The Reading Eagle, 3/22/59, p. 32

The Reading Eagle, 3/22/59, p. 32

The next article in this issue has to do with another town and with perhaps the biggest star of the original Boomerang: the town is Bondurant (just a ways northwest of the Eno homestead and today considered part of the Des Moines metropolitan area) and the star is Beth Eno! She’s traveling to Bondurant with another “Y. W. worker” to give a speech to “help enliven their home association.” The “Y. W.” has come up before in these pages (here) — also in the context of Beth giving a speech — we hope they all went well!

In other news, the warm weather continues, the subjects of photographs have been identified, and many activities are coming up; we’ll wait to cover them until after they happen!

In the meantime, there follows evidence of the warm weather these days in California!

Pansies, January 19, 1014

Pansies, January 19, 2014


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