Errand day #2

Breakfast at Nabolom's, January 22, 2012

A delicious variation on the “errand day” theme: loading a heap of rugs and comforters into a large capacity washer at the spiffy yet retro (picture a checkerboard of red and white linoleum!) Elmwood Laundry and then going across the street to Nabolom Bakery for coffee and pastries (e.g. an apple-pecan scone or an apricot hamantaschen ) to wait for the washing to finish — deluxe!

Kitty’s view of the redwood (and a palindrome day!)

Kitty contemplating the day, January 21, 2012

One of Kitty’s favorite places is this bit of roof right outside the bedroom window (and the vantage point of yesterday’s photo). From here, by way of a series of short leaps, she can also make it all the way out into the wild world! Of course the only problem with that is that when she wants to get back into the house, she can’t make it back up to the window but has to wait for someone to open the door . . . she also has a good strategy for calling a person to the door though!

Also of note today: if you write the date European style (21 January 12), it’s a palindrome date — 21112!!

Rainy day café

Green leaves luxuriating in light rain, January 19, 2012

Outside UC Berkeley’s Free Speech Cafe, just off the entry way to Moffitt Library today. School’s back in session though the campus looks peacefully deserted from here!

And on a completely different topic, a funny/endearing video involving Obama:

Downtown Berkeley tree with art nouveau-like street lamp (and more Seattle snow!)

Winter tree and street lamp, January 18, 2012

Downtown Berkeley on Center Street between Shattuck and Oxford. Another “instagram” — this one with “Lomo-fi” filter — and proof that there are clouds in paradise some days!

Meanwhile, snow and more snow in Seattle; these photos in from Amy and Lib (thanks!)!

Snow-capped sidewalk light

spring and summer ornaments and whipped-cream!

bird house and tree ornament with powdered sugar

the bike is in even deeper . . .

. . . and the house in deeper still!

Altered sign #2, plus: Snow!

Martin Luther King Blvd, Berkeley, January 17, 2012

This is somewhat of a special case of an altered sign, as in, an adorned sign! Image of Martin Luther King on a sign on the corner of Martin Luther King Boulevard and Russell Street in Berkeley decorated with flowers in honor of Martin Luther King Day.

Meanwhile, while the skies were “clearly” still bluer than blue when this photo was taken earlier today, rain clouds are gathering and up north, it’s been snow, snow, snow! First a series of photos from Amy and Lib (thanks!) of their house out in Edmonds . . .

Amy and Lib's House, January 17, 2012

Bike in Winter, January 17, 2012

Winter Wonderland tree, January 17, 2012

And then, screen shots from two webcams, gathered within a few minutes of each other. First downtown Seattle:

King5 Webcam, January 17, 2012 noon

And then a shot from the Lopez Village webcam grabbed about 15 minutes later:

Fisherman's Bay, January 17, 2012 12:15 PM

— no wonder they call it the banana belt! —